Individual Training Activities

Individual Training Activities


Individual Training Activities are supplemental educational activities, valued 4CFU in the study plan, which can be earned by participating in experiments (at the Psychology Section or IUSS) or at psychological congresses, conferences and seminars.

This activities do not have to be organized by the University of Pavia or held in Pavia, they have to be in the framework of psychology and chosen according to student interests.


Number of credit assigned


half an hour  – 1/8 (0,125) CFU
1 hour – 1/4 (0,25) CFU
2 hours – 1/2 (0,5) CFU

up to 2 hours –  1/4 (0,25) CFU
half day –  1/2 (0,5) CFU
whole day  – 1 CFU

The maximum amount of CFU for a single experiment /seminar is 2 CFU, even if its duration takes several days.

Credits registration

To register the credits, students must submit the request to the Administration Office with an email to with the object "ITA REGISTRATION"

To the email students must attach:

  • ITA Activity Log filled out with ALL the activities
  • Attendance certificate for each activity*

*this does not apply to seminar or experiments that are signed by the person responsible for the activity

Find the printable Activity Log below.

*** The registration of credits is done on the LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH and needs at least a week to be shown in the reserved area ***


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