Practice Courses and Labs

Practice Courses and Labs (PCL)


Students earn credits for Practice Courses and Labs by attending the course (with a minimum attendance of 80%), which is in seminar format. These are interactive courses whose assessment is performed during the exercises themselves, through the analysis and discussion of practical cases. At the end of the course, students receive a pass/fail mark. The pass mark, which also takes attendance into account, allows the acquisition of the corresponding CFU.

How to register for Practice Courses and Labs

To register you will have to express your preferences filling out a registration form for each of the course you wish to attend. You will find the google forms by clicking on the title of each pcl.

Cacioppo/Bettiga Roberta/Riccardo  Ethical and deontological issues in psychology
Cerami Chiara Neuropsychology of empathy and emotional processing
Miletto Petrazzini  Maria Elena Animal models in translational neuroscience
Messinger Daniel Early interactive behavior: A taste of expert and automatic measurement systems
Lecchi Tanya An introduction to relational psychoanalysis
Guenther Fritz Large-scale language and vision models of concept representation
Osterhaus Christopher Analyzing developmental data
Giommi Fabio Contemplative Science. Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Science
Tronik  Edward Messiness and development: Parent-infant interaction as psychobiological meaning-making context

Enrollment confirmation

Check your position in the student list . 


PCL calendar 


Other titles will be added later in the year.

The number of courses available is planned to be enough to allow all of you to complete the ECTS required from your study plan during the course of the entire year, please do not register in all the courses of the first slot if this is not for interest or specific ECTS needs.


In presence classes

Please remember that PCLs are activities held in presence and will not be recorded and uploaded on Kiro. 

A shorter list of online PCLs will be available only for students with specific needs. Registration to online PCLs must be approved by the competent bodies: students wishing to attend online courses must send an email to  explaining  the reason why they cannot attend in presence and wait for a confirmation.


Limit of participants and waiting list

Since the nature of the courses is practical each course has a participants limit of 20 students to allow said participation, if the course selected as preference is full, you will be asked to select other courses. You will remain in a waiting list if any of your colleagues withdraws from the course you are interested in. Students in the waiting list will be contacted if any seats will become available.


Withdrawal notice

!!! Please withdraw from the courses you do not intend to attend as it leaves space for those who are interested !!! To withdraw write an email to with the object "PCLs WITHDRAWAL" followed by the title of the PCLs you intend to leave


PCL Credit registration


Credits will be recognized with 80% of the attendance attested by the lecturer and automatically registered at the end of the academic year, according to the attendance reported.

Students who completed the number of PCLs required in their study plan and in need of credit registration at the end of the semester for some particular situation (e.g. scholarships, visa, ecc.) have to specify it at the moment of enrollment for the Practice Courses and Labs.



For info about PCL contact